Monday, 23 June 2014 12:33

Aillwee Caves, Ballyvaughn (15 miles)

This cave was formed by the glacial melt waters of an early ice age. The erosive power of the waters carved out an subterrainian river deep underneath Aillwee mountain. This river has subsided since the last ice age, leaving behind one of Ireland's most stunning caves.

The cave was discovered by Jack McGann, a local herdsman, in 1940. One day, Jacko was looking after his sheep at the foot of Aillwee Mountain with his dog. The dog gave chase to a rabbit, following it up the mountain and into a small opening in the rocks. Jacko explored this opening with nothing but a candle to guide his way, finding his way right as far as the Great Cascade

Guided tours take you through the 1000 feet long cave where you can see underground waterfalls, unique mineral formatins and hibernation chambers of now extinct brown bears.