Monday, 23 June 2014 12:32

Poulnabrone Burren centre

Poulnabrone portal tomb or dolmen is one of the best known ancient tombs in Ireland.

It dates from c.3600 BC and faces north-north-east, tapering to the south-south-west. The capstone measures 12 ft by 7 ft and rests lightly on the sidestones, it has its heavier end towards the front of the tomb where two tall portal stones give it a monumental appearance.

A recent excavation revealed the burial system was by disarticulation and inhumation. The finds included unburnt disarticulated remains of between 16 and 22 adults also 6 juveniles. It was estimated on the meagre demographic data that the majority of the adults died before reaching the age of thirty with the exception of one that reached forty.