Sunday, 02 November 2014 00:00

November 2014

 The last of the blackberries are still hanging on the brambles, their sweet juicy flesh a reminder of the long warm days of summer not so long ago, but already a distant memory.

 The Hostel is still decorated for Halloween, the tables laden with fruits and nuts and there's still soup in the huge pot for all guests to share. The (other) Europeans are surprised by the importance of Halloween in the Irish household.  I am impressed by the comercial side of it that aims to swallow us all. 

  Autumn is in now, there's no doubt about it. Nature is beautiful in its shades of red and orange and yellow as trees and plants prepare for their annual wintery rest.

 The Aille river is flowing again with the abundance of rain the last few days and I wonder how are the Dippers faring in their nest under the bridge. 

White-throated Dipper

 And they're all starting to talk about Christmas.... the image that keeps popping into my head is of Santa surfing along the Wild Atlantic Way.. Imagine that!                                               Happy November!

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